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Monday, May 24th 2010

10:33 AM

What Is Behind 2012 Conspiracy?

There is information and rumours about the end of humanity everywhere, though it has cropped up a lot more on the web in the last few years. Based on ancient Mayan beliefs, the most recent popular and specific end date recently has become 21 December 2012. 21 Dec 2012 is the date that the Mayan calendar ends. Nostrodamus also foretold many disasters occurring on or leading up to December 21, 2012, as well.

Throughout time, many have speculated on the end of the world, when it will occur and what it will be like. The people who believe this are driven by a prophecy of Nostrodamus that another planet will come close to our planet and could knock Earth off of its gravitational axis. If this happened, the resulting drag on the Earth's crust would tear it into pieces, and in turn that would cause a host of other disastrous events, resulting in billions of deaths. The survivors of such a catasrophe as this are thought to have already been chosen and the government is supposed to protect them.

A controversy about this small percentage of people who will live has led to a question. Conspiracy theories have also arisen. One of the most widespread conspiracy theories is that the government will secretly protect a few thousand people in order to preserve the future of humanity. According to this conspiracy theory, the list of people to be protected and kept alive includes governmental and corporate leaders, people who can breed healthy offspring, and computer scientists who will be able to maintain and grow the technology that we already rely on.
The selected few will be housed in underground bunkers, where supplies such as food and water have been stockpiled to supplythem for at least several years. These bunkers will provide shelter and the necessities to all of those who reside in them for years.

As well as the necessities of food and water in the bunkers, they will also have items such as seeds for growing their own produce over the years. By supplying the seeds in these bunkers, new life will be sustained going forward. Many believe that it will be years or decades before the earth's aboveground soil would be able to grow and sustain plant life.

Many people have a great deal of trouble comprehending theories like these. Is the government doing whatever is necessary to maintain calm among the population after these speculations aboutthe end of the world? If this is true, then who will be the chosen few that they will save?

No actual scientific evidence can be offered that these events will occur, and it is important to acknowledge that there are many things that could threaten to harm our species and our planet well ahead of the year 2012. Events like an asteroid hitting our planet, a major flu outbreak, a nuclear or biochemical conflict all threaten our species. There is little if anything that can be certain in this life, but routine preparedness for various events is advised.
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Monday, May 24th 2010

10:33 AM

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